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What's the 411?


This workshop will get you clear on where to start inside of our Rituals, and what actions you should take to move your vision forward.

411 stands for FOUR weeks, ONE month, ONE year. This technology is proven to help people manifest their goals through crucial visioning and accountability functions.


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A vision and a plan is in your future.

What resources and actions will propel your goals forward with velocity? Register for our 411 event and find out. 

This event takes place from 6-9pm CT every first Tuesday of the month. Mark your calendar for our next 411:

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 @ 6-9pm CT 

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Meet our 411 Guide

Kimberly Genovese is a co-founder of Kimbra, a Keller-Williams real estate agent, serial entrepreneur, published author, and was one of the first of 50 people to become certified in the 411 methodology.

Kimberly is not satisfied until the difference for all is achieved, including mastering the art of creating consistent, reliable, miraculous results through authentic self-expression. Her endless drive for everyone to have it all includes her awe-inspiring goal to create radiant financial freedom globally by 2050.

About 411

Keller-Williams created the 411 productivity tool to help their agents reflect top priorities, both personally and professionally, or "Big Rocks". In its full expression, this tool organizes annual, monthly and weekly goals and tasks to manifest the intentions of its user. We offer this tool freely to our members* and community at Kimbra so that all in our reach can experience joy and ease in their business if they choose to. You do not have to be alone and guessing.

*Members of the Kimbra Rituals will have access to a video playback of the event.

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