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At Kimbra, we go to work on the 3 KEY resources everyone needs to create just about anything in the world: Time, Money and People.

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Three Rituals for Abundance

Money Whisperer

Watching incoming and outgoing income is vital in growing your wealth. Every month members get acquainted with their business’s numbers and plan their financial future. You will start to connect actions and purchases with their ROI. In this time, you will have an opportunity to update and plan your personal and business budgets and pick the brain of our money guru and bookkeeping professional.
2nd & 4th Mondays each month
@ 5:30pm CT

Rain Maker

A business doesn’t do much without people to purchase and take part in its products or services. In this weekly Ritual, we go to work with our members to generate customers, team members, and power partners. In this space you will have an opportunity to build your leads list, get your people power organized, and think outside of the box when it comes to potential partners and customers.
Weekly on Wednesdays
@ 11:30am CT



Time Bender

If you hear yourself saying “there’s not enough time”, or if you have no awareness of what you’ve actually accomplished in a day, this ritual is a must. In this Ritual, we teach you how to create time where there seemingly was none before. Like Magic! During this time you will assess the week that just passed, organize your tasks, and plan the week ahead.
Weekly on Fridays @ 5pm CT


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411 stands for FOUR weeks, ONE month, ONE year. This technology is proven to help people manifest their goals through crucial visioning and accountability functions. This FREE monthly event will point you toward the Ritual that will yield your biggest return right NOW.

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411 stands for FOUR weeks, ONE month, ONE year. This workshop is proven to help people manifest their goals through crucial visioning and accountability functions. Prepare for the month ahead to create and maintain focus.









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Meet the Kimbra Creators!

Catherine Mallers

Catherine is celebrating her 17th year as owner of her business, Bookkeeping Bistro. She believes that for a business to succeed it must have a professional implementing an effective bookkeeping system. When working with clients, she trains from a millionaire mindset. She serves as board president of the Babes With Blades Theatre Company in Chicago.  Catherine holds a BA in English and knows the importance of telling the story about the numbers.


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Kimberly Genovese

Kimberly co-founds 3 businesses, and has co-authored an Amazon best-selling book. She is 1 of  50 global classroom leaders for The Team, Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Worldwide, inside of which, she has co-led thousands of entrepreneurs to build large enterprises to accomplish missions to be successful around the world. Her company, Freedom Group Global, is on mission to cause all of humanity to be radiantly financially free by 2035. Her real estate company at Keller Williams is devoted to having people operate in Spaces that maximize their joy, peace and performance.


Find her Book Overcoming Mediocrity

Kira Macoun

Kira has been a business owner for 14 years, and an activist and organizer in Chicago since 2009, working alongside organizations like USUncut, Wolf-PAC, The People's Lobby, and several winning (and losing) political campaigns, both local and national. Currently she owns a cutting edge fitness company, Comfy Fitness, and works as a Somatic Movement educator and Conscious Functional Fitness trainer.


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I had a 70 hour week for the last 2 years and zero time. Just got laid off and now I have 6 months severance to figure out what is next and I love the accountability and guidance Kimbra provides


The KIMBRA platform is the 3 strategic planning pieces that you need to move your business forward. Kira brings energizing energy to time management which tends to make people want to bog down – makes it fun.  Kimberly (wisdom) seems to bring an old soul essence to strategizing your business – where you want to take it.  Cathy (knows their stuff) brings a matter of fact perspective of this with the numbers – nuts and bolts of what you need to project into the future and what you need to maintain and sustain to get there. I really value what is brought to the table. 

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